AquaTrainer 17 fX

Hydropool's most spacious swim spa geared towards the active swimmer and the perfect swim.

Wide stream swim jets

Recessed jetting

LED lighting

Safety steps

Weight Full:

20830 lbs / 9451 kg

Weight Empty:

2627 lbs / 1192 kg

Shell Length:

210 Inches / 533 cm

Shell Width:

93 Inches / 236 cm

Shell Height:

49 Inches / 124 cm


2182 US Gal / 8259 L



The AquaTrainer 17fX is a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one. The AquaTrainer has the same shell as the AquaSport with the enhanced swim jet output of our two high performance, wide stream swim jets and one AquaStream jet that provide the best swimming experience in the industry.   The adjustable current ensures the AquaTrainer caters for all levels of swimming and exercise ability. With the largest swim tank in the Hydropool range, the AquaSport 17fX Swim Spa has two ergonomically designed, fully adjustable hydrotherapy massage seats ensuring the perfect end to whichever exercise routine you choose.

Hydropool’s swim spas are the easiest pools in the world to maintain.  With a floor vacuum to remove debris from the bottom of the pool and surface skimmers doing the same for the surface, Hydropool’s unique self-cleaning technology means you need to spend less time on maintenance leaving you more time to enjoy the pool.

Shell Options

Alpine Mist

Pure White

Quartz Mist

Silver Marble

Cabinet Options


Driftwood Everlast

Black Cherry Everlast


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