AquaSport 14 fX

The family fun pool with all the exercise benefits at an affordable price.

Core Stream Jets

LED lighting

Safety steps

Self Cleaning Technology

Weight Full:

16707 lbs / 7580 kg

Weight Empty:

2302 lbs / 1044 kg

Shell Length:

174 Inches / 442 cm

Shell Width:

93 Inches / 236 cm

Shell Height:

49 Inches / 124 cm


1727 US Gal / 6536 L



The AquaSport 14fX Swim Spa is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece mini-pool that delivers fantastic exercise benefits at an affordable price.  As with all Hydropool swim spas, it offers a non-slip floor to support exercises such as jogging and aqua aerobics and a spacious swimming area.  The two fully customisable massage seats provide a comfortable place to relax after which ever exercise routine you choose.

Hydropool’s swim spas are the easiest pools in the world to maintain.  With a floor vacuum to remove debris from the bottom of the pool and surface skimmers doing the same for the surface, Hydropool’s unique self-cleaning technology means you need to spend less time on maintenance leaving you more time to enjoy the pool.

Shell Options

Alpine Mist

Pure White

Quartz Mist

Silver Marble

Cabinet Options


Driftwood Everlast

Black Cherry Everlast

Options & Features

Aqua Fitness Kit

The addition of this fitness package turns any swim spa into a Aquatic Universal Gym.

Aqua Rowing Machine

A combination of stainless steel oars and rubber bands attach to swivel anchors allowing you to perfect the full rowing motion.

DreamScents on Demand

Enhance your spa experience with aromatherapy oils.

HydroSound Speakers Only

HydroSound Speakers

HydroSurround Sound System

Integrated into the spa, the Hydropool Surround Sound system allows you to enjoy your favourite music while you spa. Available on Self Cleaning Hot Tubs and Swimspas with cabinets.

Auxillary Heating Bypass

Auxiliary Heater By-Pass Loop - Swimspa Only

HydroFlex Air Therapy

HydroFlex Air Therapy - Full body Air Therapy

40 50 or 60 Amp GFCI

40 50 or 60 Amp GFCI

Private: I Command

iCommand System World Edition - Available on All products

Three-Tier Cedar Step

Three-Tier Cedar Swim Spa Step

Four – Tier Universal Step

Four Tier SwimSpa Step

EZ Ultra Pure Ozone System

EZ Ultra Pure Ozone System - Available on all Products

EZ Ultra Pure Salt Water Bromine System

EZ Ultra Pure Salt Water Bromine System - Hot Tub Version


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