Gold Service and Maintenance

So that you can get the best out of your spa it’s important to keep it in good condition. To help you really relish your home spa experience, we are pleased to offer our Gold Service and Maintenance Package available throughout Gloucestershire. Let us take good care of your spa so that it can continue to take good care of you!


Inspection of all components.
Replacement of faulty parts covered by warranty as necessary (parts and time permitting, Hydropool Tubs only).
Report of worn, or defective parts not covered by warranty to you and agree cost of remedial work before proceeding (parts and time permitting, Hydropool Tubs only).
Inspection of cover closing device,if applicable.
Inspection of cover and clean.
Inspection and descale of Ozone, if applicable.
Descale of circulation pump.
Check filters then de-grease.
Chlorinate spa to clean possible bacteria from spa and pipes.
System Cleaner, as required.
Drain, refill and repeat, if necessary.
Water test and treat as necessary.
Price – £350.

Offered within a 25 mile radius of Cheltenham, outside a mileage charge will be incurred


For service work and maintenance our first hour is charged at £150 and then £25 every 15 minutes thereafter – all jobs will be estimated prior to arrival.


Our engineers are fully trained by Hydropool and are CPC and BISHTA registered.