5 Seater – Serenity 5 Special Edition

A great hot tub for 4-5 people

Hydrowise Triple Thermal Shield Insulation system

LED lighting

Safety grab handles

Versa massage

Weight Full:

3077 lbs / 1396 kg

Weight Empty:

538 lbs / 244 kg

Shell Length:

79.50 Inches / 202 cm

Shell Width:

75 Inches / 190.50 cm

Shell Height:

35 Inches / 88.9 cm


303 US Gal / 1152 L



The Serenity 5 special edition is a sleek hot tub that is designed to combine good looks and comfort with a fantastic spa experience.

With ergonomically designed massage seats and a full body lounger for ultimate relaxation, this spa delivers a full body hydrotherapy experience.  Combined with the calming effects of an underwater LED light and the convenience of digital touch screen controls, you are already on your way to a superb spa experience.

Hydropool’s energy efficient HydroWise Thermal Shield Insulation along with it’s superior 4 inch HydroWise Hard Cover keeps the heat in and the cold out meaning you can enjoy the benefits of your spa at a low cost all year round.  This 5 person spa can also run on 110 Volts, which makes this one of the most convenient and cost effective hot tubs in the Hydropool range.


Shell Options

Silver Marble

Cabinet Options

Espresso Dura Design

Driftwood Dura Design

Options & Features

Cover Remover Plus

Cover Remover Plus

Cover Remover Low Profile

Cover Remover Low Profile

Cover Remover Standard

Cover Remover Standard

40 50 or 60 Amp GFCI

40 50 or 60 Amp GFCI

Two-tier Universal Step

Two-tier Universal Step - Available for all Hot Tubs

5 Seater

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